Blasting off into undiscovered territory, Ship Of The Rising Sun is a Rock/Fusion experience that incorporates sounds from all around the world with sophisticated musicianship and poetic lyrical content. The four piece power house conjures voodoo like intensity with their live performance reminiscent of rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Van Halen. Bombastically energetic, they take the stage obliterating all concepts of where we are headed and reminding us we call all create something magical.

Bursting out into the L.A. music scene in 2012, their momentum has been contagious and they have worked hard to perfect their strengths to attract music fans looking for something inspiring and powerful. Headed by band members and an amazing circle of skilled and supportive people, Ship moves forward to achieve all of their goals set abroad and here at home, while maintaining their artistic vision. Members Azuri Zen Moon, 28, (Lead guitar/Vocals/Compostion), Kasey Cohn, 27, (Bass/Vocals), Danny Beallo, 27, (Drummer/Percussion), make up the historians of the band and help to devise Ship’s signature sound. Uriel Moon’s 26, (Lead Singer) unique and high energy performance is a style found by no other, only rivaled by such greats as Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. Azuri’s guitar playing has been herald throughout the L.A. scene and provides a cornerstone for the bands signature sound. They are four pieces of a musical idea that combines virtuosity, rock, jazz, fusion, and world music.(Think “The Led Hendrix YellowJacket Sergio Mendez Band”)

Being born on tour with the Grateful Dead, The Moon Bros. are no strangers to the road. The Band has played over 200 shows all the way from The Historic Sunset Strip, to The San Fransisco Bay and BC Canada, playing everything from large scale festivals, sultry and artistic clubs all the way to dive bars, even crashing shows at the Greek pulling a flat bed up to the entrance to play to exiting audiences.

Ship has appeared on KXLU and even won a “STAY” on 95.5 KLOS, “Heidi and Franks, Should I Stay or Should I go,” show. They were recently featured on the REELZ channel in front of over 20 million viewers.

“Keep on playing, into the new day.”

Ship Of The Rising Sun

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